pleasure of knowing-Fruits to be taken before or after meal

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pleasure of knowing-Fruits to be taken before or after meal

Post by bprasad2005 » Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:02 am

Fruit consumption
While consumption of fruits is generally good for our health, it is suggested nowadays to eat fruits before food to derive their benefits rather than after food which would be harmful. Why?
It is a myth that fruits should be taken before food, for full benefit, and also that it is dangerous because they get fermented when taken along with other food. This is true if we take contaminated rotten fruit, which may contain harmful bacteria.

Every research has proved beyond doubt that all the food we take is converted to simple aminoacids, glucose, and fatty acids, and then only they get absorbed in the intestine. The moment food enters the mouth during chewing, the carbohydrate undergoes partial splitting ( digestion ) by an enzyme called Ptyalin.

Partially digested carbohydrates, protein and fats enter the stomach where they are digested after a proper churning by the enzymes, pepsin, diastase, and hydrochloric acid, which further split the complex basic proteins and carbohydrates.

As the food enters the duodenum and first few feet of small intestine, the entire digestion take place with pancreatic lipase, which splits the fats, bile emulsifies the fat called ‘misle’ and other proteases and peptidases split proteins into amino acids, lipases split fat into fatty acids , carbohydrases split carbohydrates such as starch into sugars. \

Every food whether it is rice or fruit or chapathy, gets the same treatment in the digestive system. The whole absorption of these fundamental food particles, is from distal part of intestine, and residue goes to the large intestine. Fruit’s benefits are lycopenes, aromatic compounds and polyphenols, especially from berries, and other coloured fruits, which do not get affected even by these enzymes and absorbed as such from the intestine.

These are antioxidants, which prevent cell death or mitochondrial death, by their antioxidant action. Hence, fruits are selective items to retain younger appearance, and delay aging symptoms, which is called cellular apoptosis (premature and natural cell death). It is immaterial whether you take before or during or after the main meals, they are beneficial and never get altered in the beneficial effect, except high sugar yielding fruits like grapes which are not advisable in diabetes. ‘Eat rainbow,’ eat coloured vegetables and fruits for healthy life.
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