Fresher's Opening at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Bangalore: Sept 2017

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Fresher's Opening at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Bangalore: Sept 2017

Post by Pardeep Kumar » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:28 pm

There are regular open positions in GLOBALFOUNDRIES Bangalore for M.Tech and B.Tech freshers.

Eng CAD Design Engn (Job ID: 17005409, 17005413)--> Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Material Science or Semiconductor Physics with 0-to-2 years of relevant experience.Fluency in English – written & verbal.

Sr Eng CAD Design Engn (Job ID: 17005192, 17005411, 17005412)--> Masters Degree or 2+ years with Bachelors Degree. Please indicate % of travel - 10% or Less.Fluency in English Language - written & verbal - Fully Fluent in English is a requirement.

Other requirements (common to all of above): Proficient in P-Cell Coding, TCL Programming, Layout Knowledge/Experience, Basic Fundamental knowledge of Optical Lithography, Understanding of Electrical Features Design

Essential Responsibilities:
  • Engage with Technology Development, Process Integration, Metrology, Photolithography, Characterization, Data Preparation, Design Services, and Mask House teams for specifications to design electrical and optical designs as well as an overall frame structure to be developed.
  • Use or customize Process Design Kits (PDKs) as well as other physical design tools, to generate electrical and optical designs as well as assemble an overall frame structure, to enable reticle level designs to be defined.
  • Verify the accuracy of electrical and optical designs as well as an overall frame structure using Design Rule Checking (DRC) tools or similar custom scripts and work with the specification owners to gain approval by the Waiver Review Board (WRB) when applicable.
  • Use or customize internally developed software code and commercially available software tools to generate documentation as well as numerical files that drive automation within our Fabs and Mask House.
  • Help communicate inputs and assess progress to our project schedules.
  • Participate in meetings with peer Frame teams located in the US and Singapore.
  • Interact with other teams such as Field Application Engineering, Product Engineering, Release Team, and Design Enablement, to assist with providing a best-in-class Customer Tape-out Operations experience.
  • Occasionally interact with external clients to understand and support their needs.
  • Participate with assessing our team business processes and suggest continuous improvements as well as automation opportunities to enhance the teams' productivity.
To apply, visit Engineer Opportunities from the following link: ... es-in-asia
Search Jobs using Job ID numbers and apply online.


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